Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles

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The Fruity Pebbles strain — it’s not just for breakfast anymore. Get your ganja on any time of the day with the marijuana strain that will satisfy all your berry cravings. But Fruity Pebbles isn’t so named just because of the berry flavors it produces. This strain’s distinctive color is reminiscent of the cereal product from which its name was taken. Various greens, muted reddish browns, and even some light shades of purple combine to give this hybrid herb its mottled, cereal-like appearance. As we’ll see below, the Fruity Pebbles strain traces it’s roots (pun intended) back to the likes of Tahoe Alien, Green Ribbon, and Granddaddy Purple. And thanks to the genetics it gets from this distinguished parentage, Fruity Pebbles can help you battle stress and insomnia with its powerful relaxing effects. So put away the milk and fire up a Fruity Pebbles fatty for breakfast (lunch or dinner!) instead

The effects of Fruity Pebbles are highly valued recreationally. First, let’s begin with the psychological effects of the name and appearance. When you see this bud, it is often brightly-colored, with greens, oranges, white frosting, and purple. Then, the name Fruity Pebbles reminds you of the sugar-packed, colorful cereal you enjoyed as a child. Then the smell hits, and it is fruity indeed, but also dank and citrus. It smells delicious and you can already taste it. These effects have a strong effect on you psychologically. You are primed to have fun, socialize, laugh, and play, like the best days of childhood. Then you hit the weed and you are zoomed into a world of fun, friends, and freedom. You may talk and socialize because you will not be paralyzed by this weed. It may give you a mild tendency to melt into the couch, but it is balanced enough that you can also engage in active pursuits like art, music, and dance. You will be able to have fun without being too stimulated or too relaxed. This weed was made for social gatherings and it is perfect to share with friends. You won’t be able to hide it anyway, because the smell is so potent that friends will know you have it. So be prepared to share.